Hi, my name is Margaret and I am a mommy of a very energized two year old girl, Camyrn Rae. Becoming a mom has completely changed my life and I am loving every minute of it, well almost every minute of it. The labor pains, vomit and poop aside. Mommyhood is the absolute best! Aside from being a mom, I am also a 5th grade teacher. So the past few years have been an adventure to say the least. I am learning how to juggle all my different hats and still be the best mom I can!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Night Dinners

Sunday Night Dinners are something a few of my friends and I have started to keep in touch with each other through our busy lives of being very different people.  Usually I host and make dinner, serve up some wine and we chat and catch up or what not.  Yesterday was a very special dinner because almost all of us were able to make it to the dinner. My closest friends and I live not so close to one another so it is hard to each other on a daily basis. It was great to see my friends get to spend some quality time with Camryn as we enjoyed some delicious comfort food and good wine!

Most of my Sunday Night Dinner recipes usually stem from Rachael Ray. I love her cooking style and I think her recipes are fun, easy and yummy.  It's a great combination especially for a mom on the go like me.

Last night I made her Turkey Club Burgers with Zesty Ranch Dressing. (I would have had some photos but somewhere along the lines our camera battery charger went MIA so there for I am outta luck)
 Everyone loved them and the ranch dressing is to die for so I am going to attach the recipe to share with you all.


I toasted the buns on broil in the oven and added some reduced fat Colby-jack cheese as a topper.  It worked really well!  Also, I made some oven fries out of Idaho potatoes, cut into wedges drizzled with oregano, olive oil and Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.. cook for about 40 minutes and topped with a light cheese sauce.  Just melted butter, flour, milk and cheese. Whisk on stove top till it is all melted and I add some red pepper seeds for seasoning.

I love getting the chance to cook for my family friends, often my husband and I fight over who is cooking because he too is a fabulous cooks and loves doing it.  I also love the excuse to get everyone together and enjoy each other's company!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So they say I need a button

So after some time I figured out how to make one, now if only I could figure out how to put it on my bog with a text box... welp! there is always tomorrow.  Nap time is over so lunch and fun begins.

First Time Blogger

I have always wanted to blog even though I do not know much about it at all. I am in need of finding an outlet where I can share all my mommy adventures and ideas and in return connect with other mommies as well.